Dress Up Rush

Dress Up Rush

In this new adventure Jane has opened a clothes shop

Dress Up Rush 2.6 is a task management game developed by Realore Studios. This game is a new adventure of Jane, the main character of the task management game Jane's Realty.
In this new adventure Jane has opened a clothes shop. At the beginning of the game we only have two sofas, some clothes and a poorly equipped shop. The aim of the game is to sell clothes to the customers that come in our shop. Customers that get to the shop will sit in a sofa, if there at least one empty sofa, and then the will demand different things, such as catalogues, cups of coffee, different clothes, and many more things. We must also keep the shop clean, because some of the customers will leave rubbish on the sofa when they leave, and new customers won't use that sofa until it's clean. In addition to this, we must also spend the earned money to improve the shop and get new clothes.
Dress Up Rush 2.6 is a full featured time limited demo version. This game will stop working after 60 minutes playing. If you want to keep playing this game, you should buy the retail version which is available at the developer's web page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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Review summary


  • Great graphics
  • Good sound effects


  • The game is too easy at the beginning, it can be boring
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